Fill out all fields to the best of your ability. If you don’t have a fabric chosen, type your desired fabric, such as “red velour” and we’ll return with some suggestions. Use the “Special Instructions” section to specify any additional requests, directives or details.

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Request for Booth Quote

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standard base
STANDARD BASE: The standard base features two tiers. The seat fabric is the standard vinyl for the upper tier with an option of rubber, vinyl, or plastic laminate for the kick base.


drop seat
DROP SEAT BASE: A drop seat eliminates the top tier and opens up customization options for the single base.

single tier base
SINGLE TIER BASE: A single tier base is ideal for concrete curb applications.


drawer base

DRAWER BASE: Concealed from patrons, takes advantage of otherwise wasted space for dining room extras.

hollow base

HOLLOW BASE: Room in the base to stash luggage or shopping bags.


All corner, L or U Shaped booths are built in L shaped sections. Provide the dimensions for both wings of the section. Radius corner is standard; indicate in special instructions if the corner is squared.

round booth with table

BOOTH TYPE: S -Single, D -DoublesingledoubleSTYLE: Classic, Headroll, Fanback (or arched top).type choices

LENGTH: Standard size is 48”; all other lengths, please measure to the nearest quarter inch.


HEIGHT: Standard height is typically 36”, 42”, or 48” measured from the floor to the top of the booth back.

booth height

INSIDE BACK: Refers to the finish on the insides seat back; SM-Smooth, TF-Tufted, DF-Diamond Tufted, CH Channel back.

inside back

O/S BACK: Outside seat back; typically finished or not; standard fabric for finish is seat fabric unless noted otherwise.

Outside back


ENDS: Booth ends can be finished both, one end or not; Finishes include upholstery, wood or laminate

finished ends

TOP CAP: Standard finish for the top cap is upholstery used for the seat back; other options include wood or laminate

top cap

CRUMB STRIP: Optional crumb strip may be added and finished in upholstery, wood or laminate.


FABRICS: Fabrics are customer choice. Please specify the manufacturer, type and color for both inside back and seat. If you would like us to present a few options to you at least specify a color and we’ll look a few up for you in a couple different price points.

Plans would help, wouldn’t they? You can upload your corresponding files here, we’d be happy to look them over.