Or customize your own booths from scratch…

Base Options
Standard Base

The Standard base features 2 tiers- the top is typically the seat fabric (though shown here in gray) with toe kick available in vinyl, rubber, or plastic laminate.

Drop Seat

A more dramatic front, this option replaces the top tier in a standard base.

Single Tier Base

Perfect for curb applications where booths are brought up to bar height by concrete or a raised platform.

Open Base

Perfect for airports and shopping malls- nothing accommodates patrons better than a place just to stash their stuff.

Drawer Base

No patron would ever know that drawer was there… making this storage ideal for dining room extras.

Offering customization options like no other manufacturer…

  • Signature partitions
  • Interchangeable seat backs for easy replacement
  • Logo & branding options
  • Mini-booths for day care centers and family focused establishments
  • Base drawers for hidden storage
  • Open base seating perfect for airport or mall restaurants
  • Custom fabric- always customer’s choice

Booth Terms & Options

Standard Springless Seat Design

Let’s say you’re out for an evening on the town with a friend.  You and your friend are subjected to a short wait for a table at your favorite restaurant.  Let’s say there are some excited children on the seat next to you, also waiting for a table.

Seat with Springs

  • Complicated, labor intensive, and therefore expensive construction
  • Cushion springs tied together so movement is felt no matter how far apart people are sitting
  • Springs break loose and stick out as the cushion ages

Our springless seats

  • Quality materials, smart and simple construction
  • Durable, high compression foam absorbs shock of sitting neighbors
  • Quality foam ages gracefully

Our booths & benches are of the highest quality, proudly built to last in Lonsdale, MN.

Designing the perfect dining room for your restaurant deserves many conversations.  We want to be more than your manufacturer, we’ll help you design the layout with your priorities in mind.

Let’s start the conversation.

Custom is Standard.  No springs attached.